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As a woman over 50 , and as a woman period.  I really appreciate beauty products that work for me.  

If I was told there was only one product I could keep from my make up kit it would be hands down my eye brow make up.   There is just something about on point eyebrows that makes me feel complete and ready for my day.  This post contains some affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no additional charge to you if you purchase from the links.

In the past few years I have experienced thinning eye brows and you do not really appreciate this little patch of hair till you no longer have it.  Eye brows can be a huge game changer in brightening and lifting the eyes.  And as I age I appreciate all the help I can find.  

I know micro blading is growing in popularity , however I’m not ready to take that leap.   With Anastasia eye brow products I feel I do not have to. Anastasia Eye Brow Kit can be found here

Anastasia has a kit that comes with eye brow stencils.  These stencils are a set of many different sizes that I guarantee one will work for you.   Along with thinning brows my eyesight has also diminished.  The stencils , once in place , do not require my vision to be perfect.  

Along with the kit you will want to also purchase Anastasia eye brow powder that comes in different shades.   You want to try and grab a shade that complements your hair color.  My go to is the Dark Brown.   Once my powder is applied it’s good for the day. You can find just the powder here and see all the different shades they offer.

As I brush on my powder I know that the stencil is going to give me a perfect application,  every single time.  

Be sure to grab a good eye brow powder brush as I do find a quality tool gives optimal coverage.

Hope I have helped improve another women’s life by feeling confident now that she has a great pair of eyebrows.  

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