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My love for bees and yellow is no secret to my friends and family. When I saw the different bee skeps on Pinterest I had to give it a try.

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I wanted a lightweight frame as I wanted to hang from my porch. I managed to find a 7 inch planter made of plastic at my local dollar tree.  If your local dollar tree does not have this available you can find one similar here.

I grabbed a roll of 50 foot 3 ply jute from Hobby lobby. This roll was the perfect length for my project. You can also obtain similar jute here.

Placing my pot upside down, I took the jute and gluing it to the pot going round and round up the side of the pot.  Our favorite glue gun can be found here.  

Once you get close to the top you will need to take about a 3 inch excess of jute and loop it as you see in the photo below. The goal is to create a hanger. With this loop out continue to wrap the jute and then around the hanger build a wall of jute. Approximately 4 layers high. Stick any remaining jute inside this Jute wall.  As shown below. The glue sticks that we find work the best can be found here.

The next thing you want to do is to create an entry way. Create a circle with the jute and hot glue.  I made a two layered area. Then I painted the interior of the entrance with Wise Owl Black Paint using an art brush. Wise Owl Products can be found here.

At this point you want to take some moss grass and place it inside the top hanger using your glue gun.  If you can’t find grass at your local dollar store you can find it here.

Grab flowers of your choice and use your glue gun to place inside the grass.  My choice was Forsythia. Forsythia is a bright yellow bush that blooms in spring. I placed mine in a downward direction.  Try to find floral with an internal wire to help you manipulate the direction you want it to go.  

To finish my skep off I found these blue paper flower embellishments, and glued them around the top edge of my skep. You can find these in the scrap book section of the craft store. There are so many different colors and styles to pick from. Check out these ones I found here!

You can’t have a bee skep without bees. The bees used on this project were meant for jewelry making.  I loved the size  of them and they fit perfect.  Using a glue gun I placed them around the skep entry. Click here to see these cute ones I found with the little crystals in the wings!

We hope you enjoyed this craft and even more so, gave it a try. We also have a full tutorial that you can watch right here!

We would love for you to post your finished project below in the comments! And don’t forget to check us out over on Facebook and Instagram.


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