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Let this DIY Santa Sign greet all your guests this Holiday Season. We had a lot of fun making this Santa Sign. Easy to make and added some fun detail. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links.   

We found this unfinished Santa face at our local Dollar Tree.

Using Wise Owl Paint, we painted his face with Antique Villa. You can checkout the other colors from Wise Owl Paint right here.

Adding Republic Red from Wise Owl over the Antique Villa while still wet gave the perfect rosey tone for his cheeks!

Adding a little more Republic Red to the nose helped make it a little brighter.

Using a small art brush, we made 2 lines with Wise Owl Black paint for his eyes.

We painted his hat in Wise Owl Black, dried it, and then painted over it with Republic Red from Wise Owl.

Using some joint compound, we took a putty knife and applied it over Santas beard, mustache, rim of his hat, and the Pom Pom. We dabbed at it making it lumpy with some texture. This needs to dry over night. The joint compound can be found here!

We get a lot of our wood from Home Depot or Lowes. We love going here because they will cut it to whatever size you need! This is perfect for those of us that can not cut it ourself.

We took this board we had and painted it Wise Owl Black and then topped it with some Wise Owl Republic Red. We like to leave some of the black peeking through.

Taking some more joint compound we created an upside down Y to give off the appearance of Santas Jacket. The joint compound we used can be found here.

The Wise Owl Black paint worked perfectly over the joint compound to give it just the look we were looking for. The key is to make sure your chip brush is very dry and when you lightly wisp it over the joint compound it will catch more of the raised edges. Leaving some sections white and some sections black. Check out the close up below!

How cute is he?! Give him a try and don’t forget to send us your final project! Post in the comments or email us at

Prefer to watch the How To Video, click here!

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