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Next time you pass those pile of Pallets on the side of the road you will want to stop, I know I will be! Watch how I up-cycled this pallet into a Christmas Tree. So easy to do and the perfect display for your porch, yard, or even inside your home! This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links.   

Using a marker I created a line from the bottom right corner to the top center of the pallet.

I then repeated the same thing on the left side. However you want to do it as long as at the end you have a triangle!

Do the same thing on the other side of the board!

Using a circular saw we cut on the lines. In this part be sure to watch for any old nails or staples as some pallets have these in random spots! Use safety while using all tools and if you can not do it, ask someone else! Safety goggles should be worn! Although this craft is adorable, it is not worth getting hurt. We are using a Milwaukee cordless circular saw, check it out right here.

You will do the same thing on the back side.

Now you have the shape of your tree! If you wanted to take the 2 scrap pieces you can also screw them together and you have a second tree!

In this step we just took some left over wood screws we had and secured the remaining boards. We just placed them in the center. We are using our cordless Milwaukee drill. You can find that here.

To remove the pallets we don’t want we use a tool called a deck wrecker. Best investment for these pallet projects! You can find that right here.

Any green paint of your choice would work. Dried Thyme is a pretty green from Wise Owl Paint, you can find that here.

We then used some Antique Villa from Wise Owl Paint on top of it. That can be found here.

We found our tree base from Walmart. You can also find them here.

You can watch the how to video we did right here! We would love to see your finished project so be sure to post in the comments or email us at

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