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Dig out those vintage salt and pepper shakers we have the cutest DIY craft for you to add to your holiday/winter decor! If you don’t have any it will be worth going out and grabbing some new ones! We found some at Christmas Tree shop for .69 cents each. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through some of the links.   

One of the main items you will need for this project is the styrofoam balls 1.5″ is a good size. You can get them in a 12 pack right here. A good place to look for some other decorations is in the mini Christmas tree aisle at your local craft store! Or like us, you can dig through your own holiday decor for some ideas!

To start we glued the styrofoam balls to the top of the glass shakers.

We wanted to have a faceless look but thought a nose would be just enough! So we took the tip of a skewer ( a toothpick would work too) and used it as the nose.

Taking the tops of the shakers we applied some silver gilding wax. This decor wax is so easy to work with. It is one of our go to supplies! You can check it out right here!

One day at our local Dollar Tree we found this berry garland and we new it would one day have a purpose! It is wired garland and almost looks like twigs. So we thought it was perfect for the arms! We just wrapped it around the neck of the shaker. You can even get it right from their website right here.

We found this pretty ribbon in our stock pile, and it was perfect! White, glitzy, and shear made the perfect scarf! We also had some beads with bigger holes right in our stash. We fed the ends of the ribbon through the bead and placed it around the neck of the bottle. We pulled the bead up to the neck. See the pictures below! You can even glue a pendant of some sort, or an earring to the front!

Taking a pom pom from the garland we got from Michales, we hot glued it to the tip of the cap. This is going to be the hat which will sit on-top of the styrofoam ball. You can check out the garland right here. You can also get single pom pom balls right here.

We found some more shimmery ribbon and wrapped it around the rim of the cap. You can really wrap anything around the rim to dress it up! Dollar Tree is a great place to look for some ribbon because you only need a small amount. Check out what they have in store right here.

To finish the first hat off we had a star post earring and we placed the post inside one of the holes in the cap. We bent it on the inside to help keep it in place and we also added some hot glue to secure it.

Now that the hat is done we then glued it on-top of the styrofoam ball. This completed the first shaker!

For the second shaker we started off the same way using the styrofoam ball for the head, berry vine as the arms, and point for the nose.

We took the pom pom garland and glued 3 of them to the front of the glass as shown in the picture. Garland can be found here or you can also get the single pom poms here.

We then took some silver tinsel and wrapped it around the neck of the glass. This made a good scarf and we secured it in place with some glue. We then added a 4th Pom Pom on-top of the scarf.

For this top we took some red suede like ribbon we had and secured it around the rim. We also added a pom pom to the top of this one too!

After we secured the top onto the styrofoam ball we decided to add a small glittery ball we had to the hat. That completes our craft! Don’t miss the final project below!

Here are our Snowmen made from these Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers! How cute are these?! If you decide to create your own we would love to see! Post a picture in the comments or email us at

Prefer to watch the video? Check it out here!

We also created a couple more! You can watch the video right here!

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