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Garland is a great filler for your home decor and can be used in many different places. We found these cute wooden shapes right at our local Dollar Tree and thought they would be the perfect DIY Garland craft. The best part about this craft is you can really customize the idea we show you to any season, holiday, or style that you want to! This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links.

  • We first started with these wooden cut outs that we found right at our local Dollar Tree. 7 pumpkins and 6 triangle banner shapes were used for this craft. The pumpkin had a single hole in the stem and the triangle banners had 2 holes at the top as shown.
  • We wanted our pumpkins to have 2 holes at the top just like the triangle banners. So we used the triangle banners as a guide and marked 2 holes at the top of each pumpkin. We then took our Dewalt drill gun and drilled our own holes at the top of each pumpkin.
  • After the pumpkins all had 2 holes we then painted the pumpkins using Antique Villa paint from Wise Owl. We like to apply the paint with these small foam brushes. They are perfect for any little craft and you can toss them right in the trash when your finished! Set your 7 pumpkins aside and let dry. You can check out the paint colors here!
  • Next we are going to decorate our wooden triangle banners. We found these adorable napkins from our local Big Lots with the black and white gingham pattern. If you have never used a napkin to decoupage before you want to make sure you know how many plys are in the napkin. It should say it right on the package. In this case they were 2 ply. So before we get to the decoupaging we need to remove the layers from the napkin. Toss the plain layer and keep the decorative one. We then cut it into the size we needed for the 6 triangle banner pieces.
  • We absolutely love this Varnish for decoupaging. It is super durable which gives me comfort knowing my inexpensive craft should last me for many seasons after this! We took a new foam brush and covered the front of the wooden triangle banner with a layer of varnish. The varnish is Matte and from Wise Owl, you can find that here.
  • Then we took the napkin and laid it on top of the wet varnish. At this point it should look like this. We paint prior to doing this because we don’t like the look of the bare wood that peeks through the napkin. I guess this is all preference!

The plastic helps smooth out the napkin and can eliminate air bubbles. Once you have the napkin all down you can then apply the varnish on-top of the napkin. Set these pieces aside and allow them to fully dry.

Once the varnished pieces are fully dry you want to take a sanding block, nothing too rough and sand around the edges. This will remove the extra napkin.

We found these stick on letter stencils from Hobby Lobby. They were just the perfect size! You just peel them off the backing and stick it right on to the pumpkin pieces. We decide to spell the word Pumpkin on our garland. You can see the stencil we used right here!

Once all the letters are placed on the pieces and in the position that we want, we took Wise Owl Black paint and applied it on top. The key with stencils is you do not want to apply too much paint or thats when you get bleeding under the stencil. Once you have applied the paint you can then remove them.

After everything was fully dry we found twine that was thin enough too fit through the holes. We started with a pumpkin and we ran the twine through each pumpkin and banner. This created the cutest garland sign that could be hung really from any spot in your home. Check out how we decided to display ours!

We would love to see the garland you create!

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