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Hey friends! Fall seems to be approaching us quickly and it’s starting to cool off here in New York! Who else loves this time of year? We just have so many great DIY home décor ideas that we can not wait to share with you. Although this is a fall themed craft, the hack we show you is something you will be able to apply to many different crafts! You will not want to miss out on this! An easy and affordable way to create a stamp like effect on your projects! This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links

To gather the supplies for this project we made a few local stops which included Lowes, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree. We got an unfinished board measuring approximately 48” x 10” right from Lowes. If they do not have precut pieces in the size you need, don’t worry!! Lowes and Home depot will cut whatever you need in whatever size you want! How awesome is that?! We then found this standing fall word sign from Hobby Lobby and a felt table runner. We use the felt table runner to show you this easy hack, and the best part is you can find felt decorations right at your local dollar store during all the different seasons! We then gathered some paint, gel stain, sandpaper, wood glue, and a stencil that we already had at home, but don’t worry we will make sure we tell you where you can find all these other supplies that we used!

Step 1: We took our unfinished board and started with General Finishes Gel Stain in Antique Walnut. You can get this right here. We applied this over the board using a Jen foam brush. We love Jen foam brushes. They are perfect for crafts as you can toss them right in the garbage when your done using them! Once the gel stain is covering the entire board you can wipe any excess off using a paper towel. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of gloves while you are applying the stain! We have learned the hard way . Allow this to dry before moving to the next step.

Step 2: In this next step we took Antique Villa Wise Owl Paint and applied that on top of the gel stain using a new Jen foam brush. You can find Wise Owl paint right on our website, here. Check out all the awesome colors right here. This coat does not have to be perfect especially if you like the distressed look and want some of the gel stain to peek through. We like to apply the paint on top of the gel stain because we like the tea stain look it gives! Once you have covered the board with Antique Villa you want to allow this to dry before moving to the next step. In our live videos we force dry with a blow dryer if we do not have the time to allow it to dry on its own.

Step 3: Once the Antique Villa is dry you want to take a 220 grit sandpaper or block and sand on top of the paint. Sand it until you have the desired look. You can distress as much or as little as you want!

Step 4: This is the step you do not want to miss! We are going to show you a great hack that can really be used on any project! We took this felt table runner and rolled on some Black Wise Owl Paint. We used a small foam roller to apply the paint. You do not want to saturate it but make sure you apply enough paint. Once you have fully covered it you are going to flip it over and place it down on your board. Once placed do not shift it, but press it down like a stamp. Hold it down and press over all the areas. When you lift it you will have a distressed stamp like effect of the shape of your felt piece. In this case they are leaves. How cool does this look?! We found so many different felt décor pieces right at our local dollar store!

Step 5: You are going to set your board aside for this step and take out the standing fall letters. We took our ClingOn Brush and applied Wise Owl Black paint to all the letters. Be sure to cover them well before attaching them to your board. We then dried them and placed them all aside but the leaf shape. 

Step 6: Be sure to allow the paint to fully dry on the leaf shape. In this next step we took one of our favorite stencils, which is the buffalo plaid one! We wanted to add a little something just to that piece. Using a new foam roller and some Antique Villa we rolled over the stencil. The key with stencils is you don’t want to apply too much paint. Unload some paint onto a separate plate before rolling over your stencil. 

How cute does this look?! Were still loving the buffalo plaid! 

Step 7: Once all your letters are dry it’s time to place them on your board and get them in the right position. We then secured them using Elmer’s Wood Glue which is another must have product! This glue is amazinngggg! Check out this gluebot we have that helps squeeze the glue out. This is another handy must have item! You do not want to stand the sign up until the glue has completely dried and the letters have been secured in place.

This would be a perfect front porch or entryway piece of decor! You can check out the live tutorial we did over on our facebook page. Click here.

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