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Welcome!  No pun intended.  This sign we created live was a big hit and we wanted to walk you through creating your own. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links.   

We started with a 4’ x 10” pine board we purchased from Lowe’s. Be sure as you’re choosing your board it’s not warped and is free of any fractures. 

We started by covering the entire board in General Finishes Gel stain in Antique Walnut, using  a Jen sponge brush 3”.    These brushes hold together well and are inexpensive enough to just toss in the trash for easy clean up. You can find the stain here and the Jen Foam brush here. Once board is covered you wipe back with paper towels. At this point hit it with a blow dryer. Gloves are recommended.  

Next we took some left over Dried Thyme from Wise Owl Paint and some left over Antique Villa and created the sage green color.   You can be creative with any color that fits your decor. You can find those paint colors right here along with many other amazing shades! We again used a blow dryer so we could finish our project in one sitting. 

We chose a WELCOME stencil and used a tape measure to be sure it was evenly placed in center of board.  Take a small amount of tape to hold your stencil in place so there is no shifting when you apply your paint. You can find a Welcome stencil right here.

Now our stencil is in place and ready to go!  Using a foam roller and some Wise Owl Antique Villa paint,  we just place a small amount on a paper plate.  Using a second paper plate to load off your roller.  It’s important to have your roller with a very dry amount of paint, this keeps from getting bleed through under the stencil.  This will happen if too much paint is on the roller. The rollers look like this. Apply paint to stencil.  When done immediately remove stencil and hit with your blow dryer.  

At this point we sanded back with 220 grit sand paper till we saw the stain begin to peek through.  It gives a tea stained look that to me gives character and depth to our sign.  

Time for your Prima re-design transfer called Royal Burgundy.  This is a large transfer so you may be able to get a few signs from one.   We just cut out portions of transfer and placed on board where we felt was appealing.  Use your creative juices. Find this transfer right here.

The transfer gets pulled from it protective backing and carefully place it to your desired location and press like a sticker.   These transfers come with a wood or plastic tool that you use to run over the top of transfer and it begins to adhere to your project.  Once completely attached to the surface you can seal.  You can use Wise a Owl Varnish or Wise Owl Salve to give a protective coating. Find these products right here

And you now have an amazing Welcome sign to display or give as a gift. You can also watch the video for this DIY Sign right here. You can also check out the video down below!

Give it to me fast version ????

Posted by Chalk It Up Fancy on Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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