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We have a weak spot for vintage buffets.  Each one is unique in its own way and we have been fortunate to have had many different styles pass through our shop.  This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links.

On a few occasions we have had high end pieces in mint condition that we just cleaned up and flipped. This is far and few between and our passion is paint. We wanted to walk you through the latest piece we just completed.   This is a chippendale style with claw feet that we picked up from Kingston, NY. It came out of a home in the historic district and the owner no longer had use for it. Every piece we bring in starts with a good bath, rinse and dry. At this point we scuff sand and this particular piece we used Wise Owl Clear Primer. A Jen foam brush is an easy tool to apply and you toss in the trash! My kind of clean up! We get our foam brushes right here! We wrapped the brush in foil and applied a second coat before the disposal. We scuff sanded the dry primer with 250 grit sandpaper.   

Now we were ready to apply our first Coat of Wise Owl Black paint. We applied this with our Cling on brush S50. Take a look at all the different paint brushes we love to use right here. We allowed to dry for several days. Now we have a real good solid base. You can check out some of our other paint colors right here!

My second coat was Ink Well a spritz of water and a dip of black that I move around together but did not allow to blend completely together.   This gave me a marble like finish.  

As I made it to the detail in the drawer and doors I continued the same combination but blended Antique Villa all the way into all the colors and it created this steel blue. I did not measure any of my paint just fiddled till my eye was satisfied.   

The legs I returned to the Black and Ink Well but when I reached the ball in the feet I went with straight Antique Villa.  I also went back and trimmed out with the Antique Villa .   At this point I walked away to allow to dry completely. After Dried I went through with 250 grit sand paper and lightly passed over the entire piece.  

The back splash had an entire molding missing from the center.   So I grabbed a stencil I felt fit and used joint compound to create a raised stencil to cover the obviously missing moulding.  We allowed that to dry and gave it a sanding than painted with the Black and Inkwell technique used on the top.  Picture shown below is from another project as we forgot to grab a photo of this back splash. 

Now we were ready for a top coat. Using Wise Owl Varnish we did 1 coat on the top followed with a black wax. Of course allowing to dry in between. The varnish comes in satin or matte and can be found here.

The rest of the buffet was finished with Wise Owl Paint Salve. Black Sea scent was used and smelled A-mazing. Pictured is the 2″ palm brush that we use to apply our salve. You can find that here.

While allowing to dry we took our hardware and washed then painted Black.  Also using Wise Owl Paint.   When dry we covered with a silver Gilding wax.  We then took the silver gilding wax and placed over all our Antique Villa Trim.  And any other place we could because it’s such an amazing detailer. The gilding wax comes in a lot of different colors and can be found here.

We are thrilled with our final outcome. Hope this was helpful in your furniture painting journey. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for video tutorials and tips from Chalk it Up Fancy.

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