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With Easter around the corner we couldn’t wait to show you this great DIY Easter Basket. It makes the perfect home decor or hosting gift for your Easter Host. Throughout the step by step instructions we will provide links from where we got our supplies from. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link.

  1. The first thing you are going to do is grab the paint of your choice and paint your wooden bunny. We got our wooden bunny right from dollar general. We painted it using Snow Owl from Wise Owl Paint. You can check out their other colors here! They truly have such vibrant colors!

2. Before you move to the next step you want to make sure your bunny is fully dry. We love our Wagner Furno 300 heat gun that dries our projects so quickly! You can find the heat gun right here. This product is great for many different projects.

3. When you pick your napkin of choice you want to look on the package and see how many ply’s it has. Our napkin was a 2 ply. So this means we should be able to pull off a layer of napkin giving us 2 pieces, the one with the design on it and then 1 white layer. Before you Mod Podge it you want to make sure you remove all the extra ply’s. We went with a buffalo plaid napkin. We love to find our napkins at Christmas Tree shop and Hobby Lobby.

4. Once you have your napkin ready you are going to need your foam brush and Mod Podge. Give your dry bunny a coat of Mod Podge using your foam brush. Once the Mod Podge is applied you are going to need your napkin. Our go to Mod Podge is this one. And we really recommend the Jen foam brushes that can be found here!

5. You are going to lay the napkin on top of the bunny. In this step your going to want to take some cling wrap and cut enough to cover the napkin. You will then lay the cling wrap on top of the napkin.

6. The cling wrap is going to give you protection over the napkin. In this step you want to use your cling wrap to wipe over the napkin and remove all the bubbles and wrinkles that you can. The cling wrap will help limit any tearing that could happen to the napkin. Press, rub, and wipe enough to make sure the napkin is fully adhered to the bunny.

7. It is important that this step dries fully and completely as well. This is when we use our Wagner Furno 300 heat gun again to help speed up the dry time. If you do not have a heat gun you can allow it to dry for as long as the instructions recommend on your Mod Podge.

8. Once your Mod Podge is all dry you are going to take a small piece of sand paper and lightly sand off the excess napkin. The most important part of this step is making sure that when you sand you move in a down motion so you don’t tear the napkin. You want to outline the bunny with your sand paper. Once you do this the excess napkin should start to separate and come off. Once all the excess napkin is removed you are going to sand the edge of the bunny to smooth it out the best that you can.

9. Put your bunny aside for now and get out your 2 bundles of carrots. We found these adorable carrots from Michaels, find them here! Don’t forget to use your coupon! We took the 2 bundles and made them one big bundle using floral wire. Make sure you leave extra floral wire on the end so that you can attach them to the basket.

10. This is what your bundle of carrots will look like once they are wired together. If you can see in the image, the extra floral wire we left so we can use it in the next step.

11. Next your going to grab your basket and place your bundle of carrots inside and to the back. Slip your floral wire through the back side of the basket and secure it. We found this hanging basket from Big Lots. Get yours here!

12. Once your bunny is fully dry you can add some dark wax to give it an antique look. You want to put a small amount on your brush and wipe it over the bunny. Next take your paper towel and rub it around the bunny until you have your desired look. We used Black Walnut from Wise Owl. You can check out their different waxes here!

13. Using some Spanish moss (or artificial grass) you can stuff a little inside the basket to fill some space next to the carrots. You find this grass for a very reasonable price. We get ours right from dollar tree! Find it here!

14. Grab your bunny and sit it in front of everything else and then you can add some more artificial grass in front of the bunny.

15. We then grabbed a small carton of artificial eggs and placed this in front of the bunny. We had these eggs lying around but we have seen them at many different craft stores, especially this time of year!

16. To complete our basket we took some burlap and buffalo plaid print ribbon and layered them. Once they were layered we tied them into a bow.

17. Using the hot glue gun we secured it in place on the front of the basket.

And here we have our Easter Basket. How cute is this?? The perfect gift or home decor. This basket can be dressed up through the different seasons. Nothing inside this basket has to be permanent.

Don’t forget to share your Easter Basket with usin the comments!!

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