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Check out the step by step instructions with pictures below or you can check out the Live video we did right here! This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link.

1) Grab your Gel Stain and Circular Board

The first thing we did was get a foam brush, stain of choice, and the circular wooden board. We love the Jen foam brushes because they seem to hold up the best throughout a project. For our gel stain we went with General Finishes Antique Walnut, you can find that here. Another gel stain we love from General Finishes is Java, find that here. The wooden board came from Lowes, here.

2) Cover your board with the Gel Stain

Using the Jen foam brush we covered the entire circular board with the Antique Walnut gel stain. When you have covered the whole board do not throw out your foam brush, wrap it up or put in a baggie so it doesn’t dry out. We will be using it again.

3) Wipe excess stain with a paper towel

Next we took some paper towels and wiped over the gel stain. We wanted to remove any excess stain. We just move the stain around with the paper towel until we have the desired look that we want. Make sure you do even swipes back and forth.

4) Speed dry using the Wagner Heat gun

Before moving to the next step you want to make sure the stain is completely dry. We used our Wagner heat gun to speed up the dry time. The biggest key with the heat gun is that you want to keep it moving. Do not hold the heat gun still in one spot, constantly keep your hand moving back and forth. We love our heat gun and use it for many different crafts. You can find the same one right here!

5) Grab your tape!

Once the stain is dry we grabbed some blue painters tape and used it to make 2 sections on our board. We want to paint one side white and leave the other side with the stain. The white side is going to be a little bigger then the stained side, so we placed the tape leaving about a quarter of the board stained.

6) Grab your white Paint!

Taking another Jen foam brush we painted the bigger section with white Rustoleum paint, you can find that here. We also love all the Wise Owl Paint colors, you can find those here. Do not throw out the White paint Jen Brush as we will be using it again shortly. Make sure you wrap it in saran wrap or place it in a zip lock baggie so it doesn’t dry out.

7) Dry with the Wagner Heat Gun

Taking our Wagner Heat gun we dried the paint. Making sure we are constantly moving the heat gun around and not holding it in one spot. Once you feel it is pretty dry you can remove the tape and then continue to dry it until you feel it is completely dry. Be sure not to melt the tape onto your project.

This is what you should have so far! Before moving to the next step make sure the paint and stain are completely dry.

8. It’s Sanding Time

Taking a 120 grit sand paper we lightly distressed the white side of the board. You can sand it as much or as little as you would like to. Once you have the desired look you can take a paper towel and dust off your board and work space.

9. Tape stripes to make a shiplap look

Next we took our tape and over the painted section we made thin stripes.

10.  Stain the thin stripes

Using the gel stain and the Jen foam brush you put aside earlier, you want to cover the thin lines with gel stain.  You do not have to re dip into the gel stain, whatever was left over on your foam brush from earlier should be enough.  You do not want to place to much and over wet it or it will go underneath the tape.  Once you have completely covered the exposed lines you want to take a paper towel and wipe it off/blend it.

11.  Remove the tape

Once the stain has been applied and wiped off with the paper towel you want to remove the tape.  As shown below in the picture the thin lines have created almost like a shiplap look. Cute, right?!

12.  Dry time!

Once again you are going to take your heat gun and dry the newly stained areas.

13.  Paint Your sign

We found this love sign in the stationary/scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby.  It’s almost like a thick cardstock.  We painted it white using the same paint and Jen foam brush we put aside earlier.

14. Dry your sign

Using the heat gun, again, we dried our sign.  You want this to be fully dry before you try to attach it to your board.

15.  Sand one more time

Before attaching our sign we gave our board another quick sanding over the newly added stripes.

16.  Hot Glue your sign

We used a hot glue gun to adhere our sign to the board.  We wanted most of the Love sign to be in the stained area with a little bit of the L siting in the white area.  There was an extra part of the L that hung over the board.  We decide to remove that piece as you can see in the pictures below.

17.  Remove the Extra L piece

Using a hand saw we removed the extra piece of the L that was hanging over the board.

What a cute farmhouse decoration.  You can use this on top of a mantle or shelf or attach some hardware to the back to make it wall décor.  Don’t forget about your front door as you can also hang it there!  We just love the shiplap look we gave it.

Don’t forget to share your project with us in the comments! We would love to see them and if anyone tries something a little different!

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