DIY Easter Bunny No Sew Pillow Using Iron On Fabric Sheets

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DIY No Sew Pillow Using Iron On Fabric

The day I found these Iron-On Fabric sheets at Walmart I was so excited. I’m pretty sure I found them at the end of the holiday season and I got them for a really great price. When you score a good craft supply, especially at a discounted price, I’m pretty sure its okay to buy the entire stock. I don’t regret that I did! They don’t always have these iron-on fabric in store, but you can still find them on Amazon

One of my favorite ways to use these is to make a no-sew pillow. The fun thing about this, is you can completely customize them! Pillow making for me has never been so easy!

The iron on fabric sheets came 6 in a pack and I used the 2 black and white buffalo check patterned ones. 

Iron on Fabric sheets

Next you want to take any shape cutout that you may own and trace it on the back side of the iron on fabric. In this DIY I made an Easter theme pillow. And I had a wood easter bunny cut out. I traced the bunny facing to the left onto the back of one iron on and then the bunny facing to the right on the back of the second iron on sheet. 

Tracing Bunny Cut Out onto Iron On Fabric

Using a good pair of scissors I cut both of the shapes out.

I got this canvas pillow cover that measures 12” x 20” from Hobby Lobby.

You want to set your iron to the cotton setting. Placing a piece of cardboard inside the pillow case I then laid down my first iron on bunny cut out. You want to place a cotton sheet between the iron and the iron on fabric. I laid one bunny on the right side and one bunny on the left side with both bunnies facing in towards each-other. 

I also found a heart iron on patch from hobby lobby and ironed that in between the 2 bunnies. 

I attached these canvas flower embellishments and I glued them onto the bunny tail’s.

The pillow insert came from Hobby Lobby as well. 

Pillow insert from Hobby Lobby

And there you go now you have this easy, DIY pillow that you can completely customize for any holiday or season.

You can also watch the full DIY tutorial right here.

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