The Perfect Easter Bunny Face Using a Napkin

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Who doesn’t like to decoupage? To find a beautiful image on a napkin and the thought of using it as a napkin just doesn’t seem quite right. Is this just me?

When shopping for napkins I always seem to find a variety to choose from at our local Christmas Tree Shop. They have these huge bins throughout the store stocked with seasonal napkins of all styles. By nature I am a rummage kind of gal so not sure if digging through that big pile is what gets me all ramped up, or what!

I found the perfect Easter Bunny napkin that had just the features of a rabbits face. I thought of my Dollar tree Bunny cut out and thought it was a perfect fit.

The cut out was “ 10.5″ H x 10.25″ W ” and I started by painting my Bunny with Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis in the color Snow Owl. Two coats seemed to be perfect.

While this was drying with a pair of scissors I cut out one panel of the napkin. Each napkin has 4 faces.

At this point you need to remove the back plys. The ply is any additional layer of napkin not including the image layer. Most napkins state the amount of plys on the outside of the store package. However in this case it did not. Once you remove your first ply its pretty easy to see if there is more that needs to be removed. One ply removed did the trick for this project.

Since my wood bunny has ears we are going to go ahead and cut off the ears on our napkin. With a pair of scissors as straight as possible between the ears and eye brows.

Now you want to go ahead and position the face on the bunny cut out. Now is the time you want to be sure its centered.

Holding my napkin in place with one hand and using a Jen Foam Brush in the other, we are going to apply Wise Owl Varnish to the Bunny cut out, in the location you want to lay the napkin. Other products that can be used is our Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Clear or Mod Podge is also a good fit. What ever you are comfortable with. All Wise Owl Products can be found on our Web page

Once the glue is down you want to lay down your napkin,then go to the other side and repeat the process. You want to have a piece of Saran Wrap ready to lay down on your wet napkin as a barrier so you can start working some of the wrinkles out.

At this point you want to remove the Saran Wrap and take your jen foam brush and gently put a second coat of the varnish , or which ever glue you used on napkin and take the time to go over the entire cut out as a top coat.

Allow to dry and your bunny is now ready to decorate. I decoupaged a piece of lace ribbon around the neck and placed paper flowers found at Hobby Lobby down the body representing buttons. My favorite part of this stage was the adorable wooden glasses I picked up at Michaels. They came in a package of 12 and were the perfect touch. Especially after I painted them with Wise Owl Golden Rod. I was sure to replace the hanger with a fresh piece of jute.

We had so much fun bringing to life our Easter Bunny. We were able to create a kit for others. These kits are no longer available, however be sure to keep an eye out for these adorable napkins and the wood cut outs at your local Dollar Tree. If you would like to see the full DIY Tutorial in video form go here.

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