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Check out this awesome DIY project we did using a $1 birdhouse we found from Michaels! Such a cute spring project! Grab yourself some different size candle sticks and display them on your favorite table top, sideboard, or shelf! They look adorable paired together. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link.

  1. We found these small wooden birdhouses right at Michaels! We will be using these two right here and here. There was a small loop so you could hang it but we removed it from the top.

2. Next you are going to pick a color of your choice to paint the birdhouse. You can pick a single color or multiple colors. Really whatever you want to do!! You can check out the different colors we love to use here.

3. We dry everything using our Wagner 300 heat gun! Such a convenient tool to have especially for all you DIYers. You can purchase one for yourself right here! Make sure you are moving it around a lot and not holding it in one spot as it gets very hot and could actually ruin your paint or project.

4. Next we took this wooden tray that we found in the same section as the birdhouse at Michaels and we painted that the same color as our bird house. You can really paint this any color you want to.

5. Before we move to the next step, you want to allow this tray to fully dry. We used our Wagner 300 Heat gun that you can find here! Once you have that completed, you can set it aside for now.

6. We do not remember where we found these unfinished candle sticks, but it was most likely one of the craft stores such as Micheals, AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby. We decided to use the General Finishes gel stain, Java Gel. This is one of our favorite gel stains to use. You can find the exact one right here. Taking a Jen foam brush or even a paper towel, you can dab some around the candle stick.

7. Cover the entire candle stick with the Java Gel. Then take a paper towel and wipe off the excess. Keep wiping it until you get your desired look. For this part we recommend you wear rubber gloves as the stain is pretty messy!

8. We found the birds nest with the colored eggs from Hobby Lobby. They came in a pack of 2 nests. We easily removed the eggs from the nest by just pulling them off. You can find some other nests they have in their store by clicking here.

9. Taking some hot glue you are going to squirt a pile into the middle of the birds nest. Take your candle stick and hold it in place until it dries.

10. Take more hot glue and squirt it into the bottom of your small tray/base. Take your nest with the candlestick already attached and place into the bottom of the base with the nest sitting in the base. Hold that in place until it is fully dry.

11. In this step you are going to re glue the eggs that you removed before back onto your nest. Place them in any position you would like! Once that is completed you can set this part aside for now.

12. In this step you are going to need your birdhouse, Mod Podge, Jen foam brush, and napkin of choice. Once you picked out your napkin you want to remove all the layers, some have 1 layer or 1-ply, 2 layers/2 ply, or even 3 layers/3 ply! Apply Mod Podge to the roof of your birdhouse using the Jen foam brush. This is the Mod Podge we use right here! Once you have all the layers of your napkin removed, lay the napkin on-top of the roof with the design side up. You want to eliminate as many bubbles/wrinkles as you can. Sometimes they are hard to completely avoid, and we just say it gives the piece more character. You can take something with a flat edge such as a credit card to get the napkin flat. You can even use Saran Wrap or a zip lock bag to help smooth it out. These all work really great.

13. You are going to apply a layer of Mod Podge on top of your napkin once its set in place. Use your heat gun to help with the drying process.

14. You can cut out any designs from your napkin and Mod Podge them onto your birdhouse as well. Just make sure you follow the same steps as above! We took a flower from our napkin and applied it to the back side of our bird house. Check out the final picture at the bottom to see it better.

15. Once you have the birdhouse fully complete and dry you can attach it to your candle stick. Apply some hot glue to the top of the candle stick and set your bird house on top of it.

Here is the final project!

We would love to see what you create! Drop a picture in the comments to show us! Happy crafting!

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