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We are always running to the clearance aisles in the craft store, especially Michaels and Hobby Lobby! You can always find really cute unfinished items that are the base of a cheap DIY, at home project! We found this adorable barn door and couldn’t wait to use it! This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link.

Using a Jen foam brush we applied Antique Walnut gel stain by general finishes. Once you have the door covered you will take a paper towel to remove any excess gel stain. Dry the gel stain with a heat gun, blow dryer, or allow proper dry time before moving to the next step.

Find the gel stain here! The Jen brushes are great for applying the stain and we get them here!

Once the stain is dry you can take your color of choice and paint over it. We wanted a rustic look so we took Antique Villa from Wise Owl and applied it ontop leaving some of the stain peeking through. Some of our favorite Wise Owl colors can be found here! We dried the paint with our Wagner heat gun which is one of our favorite tools, find yours here!

Taking some jute, we wrapped the rim of the bottles and secured with some hot glue.

You can pick anything you want to put into your glass bottles. We picked some flowers and greenery. We always get good prices at Michales and Hobby Lobby, especially with the coupons that they have available. To keep them from spinning around we secured them together with green floral wire.

We found the hardware to hold the bottles from Hobby Lobby. They are about $2.50 each while on sale. You can find them here. We figured out where we wanted them on our door and pre drilled. We then took our screw gun and secured the hardware.

As you see in the picture above, there are 2 screws that adjust to fit the size needed for around the neck of the bottle. To place the bottle inside you would undo one screw on one side and it will open enough to place the bottle in. Then you would replace the screw. Tighten both sides to fit the bottle.

We found the jute helped the bottles fit better if the neck of the bottle was too small. Here is a side view of what the hardware looks like with the bottle inside.

This is our final outcome! Such a cute year round wall hanging! Change the bottle decor with the different seasons!

We would love to see what you create! Post a picture in the comments below!

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