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Watch how we transform this drawer front to be used for many purposes. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link. Catch the live video here to watch us create it !

You can clean your drawer with soap and rinse with water or we used Totally awesome cleaner and then rinsed with water. Totally awesome is a great cleaner and very affordable! You can find it usually at your local dollar store! It looks like this!

We also pre drilled holes in this first step.

We always like to prime! Priming gives your paint or Mod Podge something to grab onto! We used the white primer by Wise Owl paint. It comes in white or clear. You can get it here! It is easily applied using Jen foam brushes! We use these foam brushes for a lot of things! We get them from here!

We find a lot of our wrapping paper at Home Goods. They always have the thicker paper which is nice to work with. Christmas Tree Shop also has a lot of nice paper!

Once the primer was dry, we applied Mod Podge to the drawer using a Jen foam brush.

While the Mod Podge is still wet, you want to lay the pre cut piece of paper ontop if it. Rub it out and make it flat.

Taking a zip lock bag or a piece of Saran Wrap will help smooth the paper out and reduce the bubbles. It helps to smooth the surface without ripping the paper. During this step you want to get the paper to lay across all the grooves in the wood.

When the paper is down and how you want it, take the Mod Podge again and apply it ontop to seal it.

We then took the blow dryer to help force dry the Mod Podge so we can move to the next step.

Before doing this you want to make sure that the Mod Podge is dry. Take a sanding block, 220 grit, and distress the top of the drawer to the desired look. Be sure to wipe off any sanding dust. The sanding block will look something like this!

Taking a paper towel or cloth and apply some brown antiquing wax. The wax will settle in any grooves. It also helps hide any imperfections. For this project we used Waverly Wax, it looks like this!

For the last step we went back to the pre drilled holes we originally made in the wood and attached the 3 brackets to the board. These brackets were something we picked up and have had for a while but they came from either Home Goods or Christmas Tree Shop. Anyone else ever do that?? Pick up something you know you will use one day but your just not sure at that moment what your going to do with it?? So guilty for this!!

Very cute, upcycled drawer front! Use it to hang coats, towels, belts, jewelry, or even scarfs from! We would love to see your creation! Post in the comments.

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