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This picture frame was found in the back end of Michaels in the clearance aisle. Purchased for no more then $3.50. We collected some of our art supplies such as stencils and paint to create this adorable farmhouse frame! Hang it on your picture wall or stand it on a shelf. This post contain’s some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link. Watch the live video right here to watch us create it!

Here is the picture frame we found at Michaels for $3.50! Plain, but wait till you see what we did with it!

We took the back part of the frame and painted it Smokey Quartz from Wise Owl. Check out all the other colors right here! Place this aside to let dry, or force dry with a blow dryer.

We then took the frame part and painted that Snow Owl from Wise Owl. This part has to dry before moving to the next step.

This stencil was one we had. We love love the buffalo plaid look. We placed the stencil on top of the frame and adhered it using a sticky adhesive spray that just held it in place so we can apply the next color.

Using a roller, we lightly and gently rolled on top of the stencil with Smokey Quartz. Once fully covered we removed the stencil. To get a good stencil finish you want to use a roller and load and then unload the paint. Less paint is best! We use a mini roller, like these!

This is what you should have so far! I love the little lines throughout it! Not your traditional checkerboard!

For the next step we took another farmhouse stencil we had and centered it onto the back of the picture frame piece. Secure in place using blue painters tape. We used Snow Owl and gently rolled over it! We found this stencil at Hobby Lobby, here!

Once both pieces were dry we replaced the back of the frame. To dress it up a little we then took some burlap we had and made a little bow. We secured the bow to the center top of the frame using hot glue. Check out the results below!!

Add this right to your picture wall or place on your shelf or sideboard! There are so many different outcomes with this craft! Drop yours below! We would love to see!

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