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We will share with you exactly where you can find the different products we used to create this DIY craft.

You can never have too many wreaths! We love making different wreaths because they can be used all year long. It’s something you can leave up all year or change out through the different seasons or holidays! They also make perfect wall decor for inside your home. Check out this adorable wreath we made from frames we found on clearance right at our Hobby Lobby!

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Here are some images of all the supplies we used for this project. At the bottom of the instructions you can find where we obtained most of these supplies from!

1) Grab your paint and paint brush!

The first thing you are going to do is paint your frame the color of your choice! We used Antique Villa and Goldenrod by Wise Ow Paint. We decided to use our heat gun to help it dry for video purposes, but if you want to let it air dry you should let it sit for about 24 hours before applying your second coat and before sanding. We did two coats of paint on ours!

The heat gun helped a lot if you need to dry it quickly or help dry between coats.

2) Sand Your Frame

After you allow your paint to fully dry you can take sand paper and give it a distressed look by lightly sanding over the frame.

3) Cut your craft wire

Next your going to want to cut the craft wire big enough to cover the entire hole of the frame. The size will really depend on the size frame you have. Just make sure you cut enough to be able to secure it in place!

4) Attach your craft wire

Flip your frame so the back side is facing upward and place the craft wire down over the hole. Make sure it is positioned straight before you secure it in place. We used our compressor staple gun to secure it down. You can also get a hand held staple gun. The links of what we used and where to find them are below as well!

This is what it should look like so far!

5) Get your decorations and hot glue gun or staple gun!

In this step your going to take any items you want to decorate with and attatch them to your frame. We used some greenery as pictured. We started by just layering the different greenery focusing on the left side and bottom of our frames. They do not have to be perfect and we like them to have almost like a whimsical look. We found it was easier to secure the bigger items with a staple gun and then any places that needed filling we attatched using floral wire and a hot glue gun.

To attach some of the small greenery we took our floral wire and wrapped it around the stems on the greenery. We left extra to then wrap around what we already had stapled to our frame.

6) Make your bow

Next you want to make your bow. You can pick any ribbon of your choice but we do recommend it having wired edges as this just helps with forming it. Below is a little visual of how we make ours!

7) Place nest in center of bow

Once you have your bow together your going to hot glue your artificial birds nest to the center of the bow.

8) Attach the bow/nest to your frame!

Once the nest and bow are together you are going to attach it to your frame. You want to place hot glue in the corner of your frame and as your placing the bow you want to make sure you stick the stem of the nest down through one of the holes in the wire. Get it as close to the corner as you can. Hold your bow down in place as the glue dries.

When your bow and nest are secured to the front corner you want to turn the frame over. You will see the stem of the nest sticking through the back side. You want to secure this in place either with floral wire or a staple gun. We used our staple gun!

Project is complete ✔️

How cute did these come out?! We just love them. Perfect in time for the spring weather hopefully coming soon here in New York. Makes a great wreath for Easter as well.

If you decide to make your own we would love to see them! Make sure you post in the comments ! Happy crafting 🙂

Supplies and Where to Find them

  • The wooden frames came right from the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. We got them on clearance with an additional 50% off and ended spending a little over $3.00 for each of them!
  • The roll of burlap came from WalMart. This is a 5inch by 10 yard roll and we found WalMart had great prices for these! You can find them here. You can also find the burlap rolls right at Hobby Lobby, right here!
  • The natural huck branches came from hobby lobby. Whenever something is not on sale we make sure we use our coupon that can be found right on their website! Check out the huckster’s branches here!
  • The green lambs ear comes in one big stem. When it is on sale you can get it as low as $2.99. This particular artificial lambs ear is nice and soft! It can be found here.
  • bird nest
  • We are just loving this buffalo plaid, the ribbon was found here!
  • You can pick any paint color of your choice! We love the Wise Owl Paint products and you can find all their colors right on our webpage, here. We love to pair it with the Cling On! brushes. Projects go so much smoother with the right paint brush! If you want a smooth finish and no loose brush bristles run and grab yourself one of the Cling On brushes here!
  • To help with drying time, for video purposes, we used our heat gun. This heat gun worked really well if you ever need to speed up the dry time and it can be found here. We do recommend letting it dry on its own for at least 24 hours if you are able to.
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