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You can catch the live video here, or you can read the step by step instructions with some pictures below!

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Get your wreath and ribbon!

First thing you are going to want to do is get your wreath and ribbon of choice. We got our metal wreaths and ribbon right from Hobby Lobby! Get them during a week they are on sale or use your coupon! You are going to start at the top of the wreath and lace your ribbon through the holes around the entire wreath. Start from the backside so when your done and ready to tie the ends together it will be on the back. Put this aside for the next step.

Continue to lace all the way around as shown below!

Tie both ends together to secure in place

Make your Bow

Using the ribbon of your choice, you are going to make your bow. Make it as big or small as you would like it to be! Check out the images for some visuals of how we did ours! Once the bow is made, take your floral wire and wrap it around the center leaving plenty of wire left over which we will use to attach and secure around the metal wreath.

Bow steps continued…

Wrap the floral wire around the center of bow leaving plenty leftover to use in the next step…

Grab your lambs ear and bow!

In this step you are going to need your artificial lambs ear and your bow. I cut my lambs ear to the desired length. I have one pointing to the left and one pointing to the right which I then centered on my wreath. I then took my bow and laid it on top of the lambs ear. Using the extra wire on my bow and holding everything together in place, I wrapped the floral wire around and around until it was nice and secure.

Secure your succulent!

We found a variety of different succulents at the Dollar Tree. They are artificial potted succulent plants. You can find them here! In this last step you are going to secure your succulent to the center of your bow. Make sure you wrap the floral wire around the stem of the succulent as shown in the picture. Make sure you leave some wire left over and you want to stick the stem through one of the top holes in the wreath. Use your extra floral wire to secure the succulent on. If you need to hot glue gun for extra support you can!

This is what it should look like!

You can pick any color ribbon and dress these metal wreaths up with your favorite artificial floral decor! Super cute and budget friendly!

This is another one we did with different colors. We just love how the succulent color pops in the center.

If you create your own we would love to see a picture! Don’t forget to post yours in the comments below.

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