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This picture transfer was a project inspired by the Shanty- 2- Chic girls! They did this DIY project and we just couldn’t wait to give it a try! We also did a video, here.

Remember, Lowes will cut your wood for you for a little fee.  You want to make sure you have all your wood cut to the sizes mentioned in the above supply list.

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Paint your plywood The first thing you want to do is take your 24″x 24″ piece of plywood and paint it!  This may need a few coats depending on the look you are going for.  Allow for proper dry time between each coat.  Before moving to the next step let your final coat dry overnight. We love these mini foam rollers for a lot of our painting projects! You can find them here.

Mod Podge your picture After you allow your paint to dry overnight you are going to need your foam brush, mod podge, paper plate, and printed image.  We printed our image from Office Depot.  It’s a 18″x 24″ blue print image.  You are going to pour out a little bit of mod podge onto a paper plate. Your mod Podge can be found here! Using your foam brush you are going to apply the mod podge only to the image you want to adhere to the wood.  You want to apply a liberal amount of mod podge.  Do not make it too wet or the paper may rip. We love these Jen foam brushes.

Position and Rub! Immediately after you apply the mod podge you are going to flip the image over and guide it down onto the wood.  I would start from the bottom and rub as you guide the image down.  This will help prevent bubbles. You really want to rub the paper down and make sure that it is sticking to the wood. You can take a flat item such as a gift card or credit card to help rub and guide the image as you lay it down. Once you rub the image down you do not want to try and lift it up. At this point you want to let it dry for at least 4 hours, overnight would be even better!

Rub off the paper Once you allowed the image to dry with the mod podge it is time to get your rag and bowl of water. You want to dip your rag into water and rub off the paper. As you rub the paper will roll off and the image should be stuck to the wood. Do not over wet, but rub enough where you are getting the excess paper off. There may be some spots where the image did not stick and that’s ok. This is where it gives it that farmhouse look and allows each piece to be unique!

Let it dry Once you rub off all the excess paper you want to let it dry. This is what it should look like so far. How cute is this?!

Adding trim to your plywood To complete the picture we took the 1″ x 2″ pieces cut to the dimensions above. Two pieces cut to 23″ and two pieces cut to 24.5″. We then stained them using the provincial stain by Minwax. We really love the color of this stain. You can find this exact shade here!

Finally, your going to attach your trim Once the stain dries you are going to attach it to your plywood. We used a nail gun and framed in the plywood. The frame really just completed the project and we love how it came out!

Don’t forget to share your project with us!! Big shout out to the Shanty- 2 – Chic girls for sharing this fun and simple DIY!

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