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Anyone else ready to start changing their seasonal home decor?! There is just something about flowers that make us smile!  Although you can decorate them with whatever you want we chose flowers.   We did these adorable wall sconces.  So easy to make with just a few supplies! Read step by step instructions below or go here to watch a step by step video.

Gather Your Supplies

– (2) 12″ x 5.5″ x 1″ boards – we stained ours – (2) hooks/brackets of choice, we used curtain rod hooks- (2) mason jars- we painted ours prior- (2) flowers of choice – (2) 46″ pieces of twine/string – (2) 13.5″ pieces of twine/string- (4) Screws- (2) Large sawtooth hangers

Cut Your Wood

You are going to want to cut your wood first.  We chose 12″ x 5.5″ x 1″ boards.  If you are not able to cut your own pieces you can have this done right at your local Home Depot or Lowes for a very reasonable price.

Paint or Stain Your Wood

Next you want to paint or stain your wood.  Whichever you choose just make sure it is dry prior to starting the next step.  We used Minwax stain on ours.

Paint Your Mason Jars

While you are letting the wood dry you can start to paint your mason jars. We did about 2 coats of white paint on our mason jars allowing at least 24 hours between each coat. Once they are dry you want to take a sand paper to them and lightly distress.

Pre Drill and Attach Your Hooks

Once your boards are dry they are ready for the next step.  You will want to measure where the center of your board is and mark where you are going to attach the hooks/brackets.  We made 2 markings on the backside where we wanted each screw to go.  This is where we then pre drilled.  Once we pre drilled we then took the screws and drilled them in place to connect the hook/bracket to our board.  Remember we used curtain rod brackets.  We found these worked great because they were able to hold the twine without worrying about it sliding right off the tip.

Attach Your Large Sawtooth Hanger

On the back of each board you are going to want to attach something so you can hang them from the wall.  We went with large sawtooth hangers. 

Apply A Protective Coat to Mason Jars

After the mason jars have dried you are going to sand them. You will want to apply a protective coat on top to help seal them.  We used Wise Owl Salve.  It is so easy to move around and we have the one that smells like lemons!

It’s Twine Time

You are going to take your twine/string and cut 2 pieces to 13.5″ and then another 2 pieces to 46″.  These lengths seemed to work great with the hooks and mason jars that we used but make sure to check that they will be good for what you picked as well.    As shown in the pictures, the 13.5″ twine is going to be glued onto the jar and this is what you will hang from the hook.  Then 46″ twine will be wrapped around the mouth of the mason jar for a nice finish to the top and will also help secure the first piece of twine that we glued.

Grab Your Flowers

Next you are going to grab the flowers you chose and place them inside your mason jar.  We did not glue them in place as we want to be able to switch them out!  Take the twine/string and tuck between the flowers so you can get it to hang nicely. 

It’s Hanging Time

Lastly you are going to hang your mason jar from the hook and this completes your project!

I hope you enjoyed this craft as much as we did!! If you followed along and made your own we would love to see yours completed! Don’t forget you can catch it on a video here.

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