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We want to share with you how we made this adorable hoop wreath.  Can we first just say how much we are loving this buffalo plaid print!! #buffaloplaideverything.  We enjoy sharing these crafts as we try and find ways to make them super affordable for you!  Find the list of supplies we used below.

If you would like to the view the video instead, click here.

  • We purchased the wooden embroidery hoop from Hobby Lobby.  They are around $6 regular price, don’t forget they always have a coupon you can get off their website! 
  • The fabric came from Wal-Mart in a small package by Waverley Inspirations. You get 1 yard in a pack which will leave you with plenty extra.  
  • The sign, artificial lambs ear décor, and white flower came from Hobby Lobby as well.
Gather your Supplies. This is what we recommend.

Paint or Stain

The first thing you want to do is decide what color paint or stain you want to make your wooden hoop.  You can also choose to paint your sign or leave it natural.  At this time you also want to paint your wooden beads.  Make sure everything is dry before moving onto the next step.

Set your Fabric and Tighten

If you have never used a wooden embroidery hoop before you may not know there are actually 2 pieces to this, an inner ring and an outer ring. The outer ring is the one you can tighten. The next thing you want to do is lay your fabric across the inner ring and make it as straight as you can. Once it is set in the position you want you are going to lay your outer ring on top of it and push down. You want to get the fabric as tight as you can so you can do this by pulling on the extra fabric left around the rings. Once its set and tight you want to twist the swivel at the top of the outer hoop to tighten it.

Cut and Glue

Once your fabric is tightened and set in place you are going to cut the extra material.  Then using the hot glue gun you are going to place glue on the inside of the wooden hoop and fold your fabric over to hold in place.

Its Time to Decorate

Now your going to take your sign and whatever else you want to decorate it with and glue it in place.  One tip we have for this part is to make sure you glue some of the sign on the wooden hoop for support.  We chose to glue our floral decorations above the letter “I” of our sign.

Make your loop

Lastly you are going to take your twine and wooden beads to make a loop so you can hang your hoop wreath where ever you want!

Don’t forget you can view this how to video as well, click here. If you gave this project a try we would love to see a picture in the comments! Thank you and don’t forget to checkout some of our other DIY projects!

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