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We wanted to share with you this Valentine’s Day burlap wreath we created with just a few supplies and for a great price!  This burlap wreath is so simple to make, just follow these step by step instructions to make a wreath you will just love.  We got the metal wreath frame, green floral wire, and items to decorate the wreath right from our local dollar store.  After looking around we found that Wal-Mart had the best price for the roll of burlap, at about $3.50 for 5.5 inches by 30 feet.

  • You want to gather all your supplies because once you get started your hands will be holding everything in place.
  • Get your burlap out and ready! (TIP: we found it best to put the roll in a box so it unravels nicely when your pulling on it.)
  • Fold the burlap in half

and then in half again!

  • Once you have folded it in half two times, you want to take your green floral wire to hold it in place. 
  • You are going to do this by weaving the floral wire through the burlap almost like a sew stitch.
  • Once you feel it is secure enough your going to twist the end of the floral wire to make sure it does not come undone.
  • Then you will attach it to your metal wreath frame to the inner row.  This is how you will start any new burlap roll as well.
  • Once you secured it to the frame you are going to weave the burlap through the inner most row, row 1. 
  • When you weave the burlap through each row you want to make sure you are keeping them about the same length.  Here we used 3 fingers to measure each loop.  The bigger the loop the more full your wreath will look. 
  • Weave your next loop through row 2.
  • and then you will weave your last loop through the 3rd row, which is the outer row.
  • Once you have your first round of loops in all three rows your going to grab them and move them (scrunch them) to the side.  You want to make sure your holding that tightly in place when you start your next row.  We found we repeated this step about 4 times in each section of the frame.  

Once you have finished your wreath you can decorate to fit your decor. Feel free to post your wreath in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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